The TRIFECTA Powertrain Calibration enhances every aspect of your Cadillac experience.

  • Services & Engineering

    The TRIFECTA advantage is prevalent in the products we offer and our reputation for reliability, performance and excellence. Our engineering, design and individualization program leads the industry in customized software deployment for a variety of vehicle types. Our services and software product portfolio include: Vehicle powertrain recalibration Custom opertaing system creation and assembly Custom featureset […]

  • I wanted a Cadillac since I was a kid. I don’t think there is another car on the road as beautiful as this one, and thanks to Trifecta my XTS moves as good as it looks.

    - Charles Kendall, Cadillac XTS
  • I didn’t think my wagon could get any better and boy was I wrong! The Trifecta tune took it to the next level with no compromises.

    - Martin Mourton, 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
  • The Trifecta tune for my ATS transformed my car into a different animal. This car takes off with force! Passing slow cars on long straightaways is a blast and I swear the engine is throatier. My ATS feels like it should have felt from the factory.

    - Steven McArthur, 2013 Cadillac ATS

Welcome to TRIFECTA Performance, home of the world’s fastest GM SIDI and Ecotec vehicles.

Trifecta Performance offers proprietary aftermarket software solutions that currently supports a community of GM aftermarket hardware developers. Trifecta Performance also offers performance calibrations for a wide range of current generation GM vehicles, amongst of which will include:

Based out of Redmond, Washington, TRIFECTA is an industry leader in research, development. We have grown to provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction and value through relentless testing and continuous improvements in product and performance.